Synthetic Decking

Synthetic resin floors represent the perfect solution from, the functionality, durability and short execution time, point of view. Also it these type of decking presents a good aesthetics as they can be applied in a variety of colors.


As far as functionality they are used, with great success, in areas like:


  • Industry: production units, warehouses, laboratories, garages, parkings, sidewalks
  • Commercial areas: shops, exhibition centers, basements, hallways, parkings, sidewalks
  • Health: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, basements
  • Leisure: sport grounds, gyms, jogging and bicycle tracks

CLASSIC DOME , with an experience as far back as 1993 in applying these methods, brings out extra value of these solutions by:

  • using latest equipment
  • short execution period
  • exceptional quality of the finished product
  • minimal labour costs
  • high quality materials (Austria, Germany, Belgium, France)

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